By Air, Land, and Sea-That’s How Goods Get to the North Slope

Alas! The supply barges are arriving in Barrow! There are no roads to Barrow and the other North Slope villages. Supplies are either flown in or brought by barge. Here is a photo of a Lynden Air Cargo plane that delivered premanufactured rafters for building single family homes and apartment complexes. Housing in Barrow is very hard to find for newcomers-many of the college professors find themselves living at the dormitories of Ilisagvik College until they can find a place of their own.  The waiting lists for housing are long!

Barges come in from Seattle, Anchorage or even Prudhoe Bay.  Many of my friends have bought vehicles and are driving them up from Fairbanks to Prudhoe on the infamous “Haul Road”.  The vehicles get put on the barges in Prudhoe for fall delivery to Barrow and other coastal North Slope villages.  Here are some photos of this summer’s incoming barges.

Note the truck stacked on top of the containers!

Last but not least is the “Greta” barge named in honor of Greta Akpik, a longtime native health worker in Barrow.  The Inupiaq name for “Greta” is Suvluraq.

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