KBRW-The Voice at the Top of the World

KBRW is the only station to provide radio programming to the 88,000 square miles that make up the North Slope Borough.  KBRW-AM 680 began br0adcasting on December 22, 1974.  In 1988, KBRW FM 91.9 was added.  In June 2006, 24/7 broadcasting was made available to the world via worldwide streaming.  It is through KBRW that I am able to stay connected with life on the North Slope as well as reading the online version of the Arctic Sounder Newspaper and social networking sites such as Facebook.  The programming mix offered by KBRW is most impressive!  There is a mixture of classical, jazz, bluegrass and new age as well as many NPR programs that I did not even know existed!  KBRW offers the nightly birthday show where people can call in and wish their loved ones a happy birthday.  Religious programming is also broadcast in Inupiaq.  The station also broadcasts community events and meetings.

Our wildlife department did a call-in show about our seal and walrus sampling program in which we communicated to the listeners the objectives of the program, significant findings and plans for the future.

Before the radio show. .. Shown are Billy Adams and Cyd Hanns.  Billy is pretending to be smoking a cigar like a certain

other radio talkshow host.

In this photo are Cyd Hanns, Harry Brower Jr. and myself.  Billy and Harry translated everything that I said into Inupiaq so that the elders could understand what was being said.  Jason Herreman, wildlife biologist served as the moderator and talked about his seal tagging work.  A bearded seal tagging project  will commence after fall whaling has ended.  Tagging seals involves gluing radiotransmmitters onto the seal.  The department can get very important information about the migration and feeding behaviors of the bearded seal from these transmitters.

Our moderator, Jason Herreman.  He did a superb job of  running the show!

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