Ice Ice, baby Ice

Or however that song went. Howdy doody everyone? Hope everyone’s weekend was nice and safe! Sorry about the lack of post on Thursday, I was without internet so that made it kind of difficult to post -just sayin.

Anyways, Alan and I have been trying to get DCP2 and DCPS before my last day and we just sent in DCPS for sequencing! DCP2 has been giving us some trouble and we haven’t been able to get a successful PCR off that one, though we have only used the new oligos we had ordered once. It would be uber sweet if we could get DCPS, since we were able to get a good protein gel on DCP1 back in June. But as the days start to wind down I think we will just try to get DCPS “even if it kills us” according to Alan.

Since my last day has been approaching I’ve been trying to work on some papers to turn into ASM to let them know how my “research experience” went and what I thought about it all. I also have to make an abstract to submit to the Spring 2011 ASM meeting and I hope it gets accepted because the meeting is in Louisiana! That would be cool beans!

Today was a rather fun day! The freezer needed defrosting so we got to clear it out and chisel out all of the ice! I knocked off one piece that was the size of my head! I was like WHOA! It was pretty epic- and cold- and wet.

Ahem, well my last post will be this Thursday! So until next time

Becca T

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