1,2,3,4 ….ichi, ne, san, chi!

Count, count, count.  I’ve been helping Fujimori Sensei by doing the monotonous and inevitable job that follows cell culture….counting of colonies.  I had a nifty little pen that beeps and counts for you every time you mark a colony but then it dried up.  😦  Which, by the way, I don’t understand since it is sooooo humid here!  Oh well.

Last week I got to help Dr. Allen run an experiment where we irradiated multiple cell lines at different doses with the HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator) and then performed a gratuitous amount of cell culturing till 3AM.  Oi vay. Since then, the cells have been allowed to grow (or not grow) in the incubator.  Some of the dishes already had colonies today so I washed and stained those dishes and will be counting those next week.  To refresh your memory (and mine), most of these projects that I am helping with are all concerned with DNA damage & repair after exposure to radiation (i.e. X-ray or Heavy Ion).

well. that’s it for today!  keepin’ it short!  🙂


    • Dean Wilkinson
    • July 24th, 2010


      • petra
      • July 25th, 2010

      HAHA. Thanks Dean! 🙂

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