Hurry Up and Wait

Well hey there again! Alan and I have been working on DCPS and XRN1 still. We ran a gel to see which colonies we picked had our fragments in the bacteria’s plasmid and I think the gel turned out good, but we will send them for sequencing soon I hope!
Tomorrow we are going to work on running a protein gel to see if our purification of the LSM1 and DCP1 proteins worked so that I can have more to present at our lab meeting next week. I was able to get a protein gel on these in June and Alan started the purification but never ran the gel. So hopefully that works!

Next week me and the other undergrad (Amber) are going to present our results and whatnot to our lab at our lab meeting, so I’ve been trying to work on getting pictures and more results for my presentation.

Unfortunately not a ton of exciting stuff has been happening recently, as Alan always says “Microbiology is a lot of hurry up and wait”. We have to hurry on mixing and pipetting, but then we have to wait for the machines to run. That’s why for the waiting, I keep my handy Sudoku book nearby…score. Most of the time, we try to start or finish other things while we wait, but if we start too much at once, we could overwhelm ourselves when we have to finish it all.

Also, I’ve begun packing and moving, so if I get so caught up with that, that I forget about posting Thursday, I apologize ahead of time. But I will do my best! Hasta luego y buenos noches mi amigos!

Becca T

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