Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Hey everyone! I just have a small update today. It seems that XRN1 and DCPS have seemed to works so now we are putting our fragments into bacteria plasmids so that we can send them in for sequencing to see if they are indeed the fragments we think they are! Other than that, nothing too much exciting to report unfortunately.

I also have a work presentation coming up in two weeks so I’m starting to prepare for that! The other undergrad and I are going to present our findings so far, though I am worried about how much I will have to present hahaha. So I am adding a small surprise to the presentation. hazah.

Well that’s it for the small update; I hope everyone’s weekend is great and dandy! I’m heading off camping; hopefully the weather will be nice for a hike too! Anyone got anything exciting planned?

Becca T

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