toothpaste and ice cream

Hi all!  Tonight we had our `welcome party` (even though I will heading back to the States on Monday!).  It was absolutely a treat to talk to a lot of the main people here at the NIRS colmplex…an oppertunity that few will ever recieve.  Anyway, it was great to see that they really enjoyed all of our efforts and company.  It was a very gody experience to know that these people appreciate us and I do not feel worthy to shine their shoes!  I want to take this oppertunity to say that everyone here has been extremely nice, courteous, and more than willing to make our stay as comfortable as possible.  I will really miss all of the hospitality and the Japanese culture.  I look forward to coming back to NIRS soon with Kato sensei (my thesis advisor) to do more research and experience more of Japanese cluture.  Speaking of which, we had a chance to go to a festival here in Inage after the dinner party.  It was crazy packed but extremely cool.  Afterward, we picked up some ice cream.  Did you know that they actually have ice cream in a tube here?  I know, I was skeptical too!  But after the initial frustration of figuring out how to eat it, it was actually tastefully delicious!  And how awesome is the name Coolish?!  Sorry, I felt compelled to let you know that if you are ever in Japan it is a must try (along with many other things)!  Okay, I am going to bed now…another big experiment tomorrow night (10pm-12am) so I have to get my beauty sleep (no, it really doesn`t help my looks!).  Goodnight!


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