Dedication Shows in Numbers

Well howdy doo there everyone! So we have been trying to get the DNA
fragment of DCP2 into a bacteria plasmid so that we could eventually express it. Well remember how we had 36 tubes for DCP2

unfortunately none of them worked. Meaning that it didn’t seem like the fragment was inserted into the plasmid or the plasmid wasn’t taken up by the bacteria. But on the plus side, we were able to get the correct fragment today on DCPS, so hazah! We also tried XRN1 today, but we didn’t have enough time to run a gel on it so we will try that tomorrow. Once we get these to going hopefully we can go back and work on DCP2 again, I feel like we had it but I don’t know what happened! That can be frustrating but hopefully DCPS works!

And congrats to the Spaniards for winning the world cup! What an epic goal and an epic victory!

Becca T

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