midnight madness

hi all!  let me tell you, it has been one hell of a week!!  …so i will keep it short and sweet today.  we have worked in HIMAC twice and with the cyclotron and x-ray machine once each.  both of our HIMAC beam times were from 10pm-12am.  that means that we had to prep all of our samples for irradiation ahead of time, irriadate them, and then finish all of the experimentation before we could go to bed!!  to say that I may have been like a zombie this week is probably an understatement!  today, I will be traveling to Gifu University to meet with some of the researchers there.  i will also be able to check out their veterinary school to see how they practice over here.  how awesome is that?!  i was able to take a few pictures of HIMAC (produces heavy ions) and the cyclotron (produces the proton beam).  these machines are huge!  HIMAC (a synchotron) is the size of an entire building!!  the picture below is just a picture of one of the output rooms and the door that seals it (the door is unbelievable…it is like a huge lead cork that plugs up the room).

the cyclotron below…looks like something out of iron man 2!!

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