Oh! So That’s What it’s Supposed to Look Like…

Hazah! The gels ran nicely, and we got success on both DCPS and DCP2! On each gel you could see very nice bands! We cut out the bands but unfortunately when we ran a quantitative gel on them we lost DCPS somewhere along the way, Jeff thinks it just got too diluted to show on the gel. So we will try DCPS again. But I am very excited DCP2 worked (so far)! It seems that the source of our RNA was really important to fix. While we were on a role with those too we tried SMG6 and are currently working on XRN1. SMG6 didn’t work unfortunately, but with the first gels of DCPS and DCP2 working I was ok with it! XRN1 has been really stubborn in the past, so I’m not getting my hopes up high for that one. It’s so large that we have to do the PCR reaction in two steps, doing two halves separately until the transformation process. I’d be pretty stoked if I could get the three decapping enzymes (DCPS, DCP1, and DCP2).

The weather has been uber great here in Fort Collins! I picnicked outside for lunch with my sister and got a little burned in the process. I hope the weekend stays nice for the holiday and I hope everyone’s long weekend is super sweet and free of injuries!

Becca T

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