Extraction Extravaganza

Well, when I’m right, I’m right. The last few days have been rather busy and full of awesomeness. On Friday, we ran some protein gels, which unfortunately, were not successful. Though on Monday we had a meeting to discuss where everyone was in their projects. Seeing that our gels have not been working, we decided to go right to the source, where we were getting our RNA. So we went to the lab upstairs, and Dr. Black was kind enough to give us some of his extra mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti aegypti) and we got to extract RNA from them. That’s right, they were live mosquitoes. We took about 14 mosquitoes and froze them, then mashed them up and doused them with a chemical. This chemical extracted the RNA from the cells. This way didn’t give us as concentrated of an RNA solution as we wanted but we just started a new PCR today to see if it will work. We will run some gels tomorrow so I’m crossing my fingers!
Becca T

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