Everyday isn’t always Gun-Ho

I’m back! After an exciting family reunion, and a long day of traveling misfortune, I am back to continue my excavation and unraveling the true mystery of mosquito DNA. Well, sort of. Speaking of excavating, I got to ride one of those on my vacation (an excavator), and it was really fun. No, don’t worry, no harm was done to anyone in the process, I got to dig some dirt and fill up a trench with it. Talk about awesome right?!

Well back to the research side of things, today was a rather slow day in the lab. I got to help Emily with a maxi-prep, though I couldn’t really tell you what it was for other than getting some DNA I believe. And we ran a PCR on DCP2 (again) so we shall see how that goes. Also, I helped de-stain a gel (basically made it look clearer). During the waiting process of some of these experiments the lab was able to watch some of the world cup games! The Japan vs Denmark game was extremely intense! And it made us all giggle when Fumi yelped in excitement when Japan won (Epic victory by the way).

Though today was a rather slow day, I know it won’t always be. The slow days are the ones that precede exciting ones; they are like the foreshadowing in a story. It just means I must be prepared for tomorrow!
-Becca T

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