It’s the Little Things that Count

Eureka! Hazah! Success! however you wanna say it. It might have been a small one, but either way I’ll take any success I get. I was able to successfully express a protein (DCP1 to be exact). I ran three gels of three different proteins on Tuesday to see whether or not the proteins I expressed were the right size or not. On Wednesday I found out that I obtained a multitude of results. One successfully expressed (hazah), one didn’t express, and one sort of expressed (I ran that one again today). Jeff explained to me that the reason one might not express (or might not really express) is because the bacteria that are producing it might think that the protein is harmful to it and try to destroy it. So I adjusted a few things and I tried running the gel again today (hope for some good results tomorrow!).
Speaking of gels, for some reason mine was being stubborn today. It wouldn’t harden correctly so that I could run my solutions. But, thanks to Ashley, Emily, Fumi, and Kevin, I was able to make the gel, run it, and stain it. I’m so glad everyone in the lab is so nice and helpful!
On a side note, how bout that weather aye? I went in to work and it was all nice and sunny, came out and it was pouring rain, and then went to play soccer tennis and it was all hot again. Gotta love Colorado’s craziness.

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