Bug Lady

“There is something green crawling on your shoulder”. I look down and there is an itty bitty half an inch long baby caterpillar on me. This was yesterday. Today, I found 5 on me while eating lunch with my sister. As I found them cute and adorable and attempted to put them in the tree she on the other hand, was not so fond of them. This made it difficult getting the one on my back neck off. Needless to say she would like to eat at a different spot from now on. Oddly enough, in high school it was praying mantises that were always around me. For a while, anytime we ate outside there was always one near me within ten minutes. And bees! Ohhhhh I really don’t like bees, they scare me so bad! (No offense to any bee lovers out there). Obviously these bugs show I should be working with mosquito RNA.
Research wise, I have been trying to synthesize (create) some proteins this week. I started yesterday and ran some gels today to see if the correct ones were created. Alan has been gone this week, and thankfully I had Emily to help me out with pouring and running the gels. I am so grateful for her help, and that she was so patient with me. And hopefully next time I can say eureka! Emily explained this new type of gel to me and we think that I might have been successful on at least one of the three proteins (possibly all three!); we just have to check with Jeff tomorrow.
Also, I worked with Rachel (my sister!) who works in the CVMBS Communications dept to help film some stuff for the website. I tried to make it as goofy as possible, and we are excited to see how that turns out. I hope to post it once it is finished.
Well I hope to have some positive results to post soon! Sayonara!

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