That’s Just How I Smile

Today was my first day back in the lab! Today, me and my mentors talked and decided what I should specify my research in. Instead of just going all willy-nilly and trying to find any type of proteins involved in the mosquito’s mRNA decay machinery, we decided I should focus more on deadenylation factors. How exciting is that!?
The type of mosquito we are dealing with is Aedes Aegypti and carries such viruses as the dengue virus and yellow fever – just in case you were wondering.

Anyways, today we worked on XRN1 and DC1 proteins and unfortunately had no success. Though I know that with research you don’t get a successful test or trial every time.
Also, we had to take a picture of myself working in the lab for my fellowship. And we had a few giggles and laughs here and there as we tried to find a good pose to send to ASM. Instead of using the one of me using my pipette-man as a wizard wand, or my “squinty-eyed” smile (which many of them were like that), we finally decided on one of me putting a tube into a machine. Of which I didn’t know what was in either of them.

Now that I can pat myself on the back for finishing day one, I will go prepare for day two! I hope everyone has a good night!
-Becca T

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