Polar Play

Tuesday, May 25th…. I thought I would post pictures of a “typical day at the office”.   See my slideshow called “Point Barrow Polar Play”.  I saw these polar bears last summer one early morning feasting on a pile of whale bones at Point Barrow. I am about 150 yards from them. Polar bear sightings are very common in villages on the North Slope, especially in the summer when the ice goes out. Sadly these magnificent creatures are falling victim to the changing ice conditions, being forced to swim greater distances. The department is commonly presented with polar bear carcasses that have been found on the beaches and around town. Many of these animals are severely emaciated and suffer from the effects of malnourishment.

After the break you can see my slideshow!  (click ‘Read More!’)

    • jeslarsen
    • May 26th, 2010

    Greta, how close were you to these polar bears to get these pictures? They are wonderful!

    • We were about 150-200 yards away from these two polar bears. We were are our way out onto the sea ice to go seal hunting. Daily sightings of polar bears at this particular sight is the norm. Many North Slope villages have “Polar Bear” patrols that monitor the bear activities, as there are scientists, archaeologists taking ice measurements and doing excavation work at this site. If the polar bears get too close, cracker shots are discharged to encourage them to leave and head back out onto the ice.

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